Constitution UK - Decide the Future of the UK

26 February 2015 | 00:00–23:59
Constitution UK is a two year project initiated by the Institute of Public Affairs at the London School of Economics and Political Science.  It is a public engagement exercise with one purpose: to crowdsource a written and codified constitution for the UK.
The UK has a constitution but it is uncodified. That means you cannot find the UK constitution in one single document like you can in many other countries such as the United States. The UK Constitution is made up of a number of sources:
  • Statutes (laws passed by Parliament)
  • Conventions (unwritten practices which have developed over time)
  • Common law (law developed by the courts and judges through cases)
  • Membership of the European Union means that European law has an impact on the British Constitution. The UK is also subject to international law
With the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in June 2015, we wanted to give the public the opportunity to have their say on what should be in a modern day UK constitution. This project is not driven by political party interests, nor is it a project for academics. This is a project for the people and the end result - a written constitution - will be written by the people.