Building Security and Creating Opportunity: Economic Policy Choices in an Independent Scotland

19 November 2013 | 00:00–23:59

This Scottish Government report sets out the economic policy levers that would be available under independence in key areas such as competitiveness, innovation, sustainability and international trade.

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government believes that Scotland's economic performance is constrained under the current system and that it is only through independence that Scotland can maximise its potential and deliver the type of economy and society that reflects the values of the people who live and work here.

This report sets out the range of economic opportunities open to future Scottish governments under independence - including in areas such as business investment, taxation, welfare and regulation - and how these levers could be used to rebalance the economy, boost economic performance and tackle the long-standing inequalities in society.

oppforindependentscotland.pdf (2.58 MB, application/pdf)