Armstrong to unveil Scotland’s currency options

9 September 2013 01:00–10 September 2013 00:59

Dr Angus Armstrong, one of the Fellows in the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland research activities, will be releasing a key part of his work next week: a new report on the currency options for Scotland.

Dr Armstrong and his team will also be launching an animated You Tube video that aims to help inform voters about the currency issue; one of the key topics in  the referendum debate so far.

Dr Armstrong said:

“The new report emphasises that the resilience of the currency policy ought to be the primary consideration. Which currency option is most resilient depends in turn on the amount of debt that a newly independent Scotland would inherit from the existing UK.”

The report will address government borrowing costs and government deficits that Scotland could face in relation to the amount of its debt. 

Dr Armstrong, who is Director of Macroeconomics at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and ESRC Senior Scotland Fellow and Dr Monique Ebell, Research Fellow at the NIESR, will launch the report and video at a press conference taking place at The Royal Society of Edinburgh, 11 am Tuesday, 17th September 2013.

Of the You Tube video, Dr Armstrong explained:

“The animation is an innovative piece of research dissemination which aims to bring the key issues involved in Scotland’s choices after independence to the widest possible audience. “