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Devolution or delegation? What the revolt of the metro mayors over lockdown tells us about English devolution

Will the row between Westminster and the metro mayors over Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns lead to reforms to create a decentralised administrative model in England? Michael Kenny and Tom Kelsey, Bennett Institute for Public Policy, discuss.
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Brexit, Wales and the Internal Market Bill: a failure of soft law?

A long read from Greg Davies, Cardiff University, discussing intergovernmental relations during the Brexit process and how the UK Internal Market Bill represents a failure of soft law.
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The Scottish Continuity Bill. Will it work?

Michael Keating discusses the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill, exploring its aims and the challenges the Scottish Government face with this Bill.
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The European Union and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Giada Lagana, Cardiff University, discusses her new book 'The European Union and the Northern Ireland Peace Process'. In this blog, Giada provides an overview of the book and explores the role of the EU in the Northern Ireland peace process, as well as its role more generally in peace building, and the impact of Brexit for Northern Ireland. 
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The Populism and Sub-State Nationalism Nexus in Flanders

Judith Sijsterman details how the Flemish sub-state approach has incorporated populist narratives and how this populist turn has led to the adoption of an identitarian approach.
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The Politics of Scotland's Public Finances

Taken from his chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, David Heald, University of Glasgow, discusses the intergovernmental conflicts between the UK Government and devolved governments in the context of UK devolution finance. 
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UK is not doing enough to get Irish-facing ports ready for Brexit

The Irish Sea and the maritime borders between Britain and Ireland, needs to receive more focus in Brexit discussions argue Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork and Rhys Jones, Aberystwyth University, as the UK’s Internal Market Bill, could significantly affect UK ports like Liverpool, Holyhead, Fishguard, Pembroke Dock and Milford Haven, and the Irish ports of Dublin and Rosslare.
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UK internal market principles will create distrust within the union, says new report

New rules on the UK’s internal market will undermine devolution and create distrust between the governments of the United Kingdom, according to a new report from Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh.
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A New Team at CCC!

Following the CCC’s founding Director, Professor Michael Keating, stepping down from the role, we are delighted announce the new Directorate. Dr Karlo Basta will join Professor Nicola McEwen in co-directing the Centre. Dr Coree Brown Swan, who has been involved with the Centre from its infancy, will now serve as Deputy Director. Meet the team and hear their ambitions for the Centre.