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The Brexit end game approaches

Richard Parry discusses the way that deadlines, numbers and intelligence about UK politics are interacting in a Brexit situation changing by the day

Brexit: A democratic event may come to the rescue

CCC Fellow Richard Parry discusses the looming Brexit deadlines which include the long-foreseen European Parliament election timetable

Has Brexit destroyed the constitution?

The Brexit deadlock has exposed serious deficiencies in the United Kingdom’s uncodified constitution.
Norway and EU

Could Norway Plus Work?

CCC Director Michael Keating examines whether joining the EFTA and thereby the EEA could work for the UK in the way that it does for Norway.
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The extension proves to be very short

Richard Parry assesses the convoluted Brexit developments after a dramatic evening in Brussels when EU leaders made policy in Theresa May’s absence.

What does Bercow’s bombshell ruling mean for Brexit and parliament?

Westminster’s seemingly endless Brexit drama has taken yet another twist with Commons Speaker John Bercow’s ruling that the government cannot bring forward a third ‘meaningful vote’ on its Brexit deal without a substantive change to the proposition. What does it all mean? CCC Fellow Jack Sheldon (Bennett Institute of Public Policy, Cambridge) looks behind the headlines.

Why did he write paragraph 19?

Richard Parry traces the way that Geoffrey Cox’s unexpected advice veered the Brexit path off course in three days of Commons votes.

The DUP and no-deal tariffs: double standards?

Jonathan Evershed of University College Cork asks whether the UK Government’s new tariff plan is a case of double standards and, if so, why the silence so far from the DUP?

Westminster should acknowledge and respect the majority in Northern Ireland

Dr Mary C Murphy of University College Cork explains that the Irish backstop issue cannot simply be reduced to one which pits Northern Ireland's unionists against nationalists. Forces outside of politics, representing a cross-section of society, tacitly support the backstop.