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Back to the Unitary State?

CCC Director, Michael Keating, responds to the UK Government's Internal Market Bill, explaining the impact this is likely to have on devolution and the devolved settlements.

Scottish Labour

In their chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Gerry Hassan and Eric Shaw trace the fall of Scottish Labour as Scotland's dominant party. 
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Scotland’s media, politics and the digital revolution

For his chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Professor Philip Schlesinger of the University of Glasgow looks at Scotland’s post-devolution media and the wider forces driving change in the communications ecology.

The Leadership and Management of Public Services Reform in Scotland

John Connolly and Robert Pyper, University of the West of Scotland, explore the challenges of public service reform in Scotland and address to what extent opportunities for effective national public leadership have been missed since the SNP came into government in 2007.

Scotland at Westminster

Taken from his chapter in the Oxofrd Handbook of Scottish Politics, Adam Evans explores the influence Scottish constituency MPs have had within the Westminster party system, and evaluates the long-term challenges that might impact this influence.

The State of Scotland

Neal Ascherson evaluates where Scotland stands arguing that Brexit has caused parliamentary and political turmoil, while further institutional development has been put on hold while independence continues to be debated.

Three varieties of Unionism

In his chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics, Iain McLean explores Unionism in Scotland, going back to 1707 and the Act of Union to show how the themes present during these times influence comptemporary debates.

Who do you say you are? The politics of national identity

David McCrone analyses the politics of national identity in Scotland comparing it to England's sense of national identity for his chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics.

Centennial dilemmas: Marking one hundred years of Northern Ireland

Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, discusses the UK government's plans for the centenary of Northern Ireland arguing that Boris Johnson has raised the stakes of what was already likely to be a politically difficult commemoration.