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Ballot Box

Will 2019 be like 1987, 2015 or 2017?

Richard Parry assesses the prospects of Boris Johnson’s surpassing the electoral achievements of David Cameron and Theresa May.
The English Question and Brexit

The English Question and Brexit

Is the English General Election campaign indifferent to the territorial debates happening elsewhere in the UK? Michael Kenny, the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, argues that the long-awaited questions about England and the union have moved into the heart of domestic politics.
Wales Manifestos

What About Wales? Wales Manifesto Review

Jac Larner and Dan Wincott of the Wales Governance Centre examine the Welsh party manifestos.

Infrastructure spending: reversing or encouraging regional inequality?

The gap between rich and poor areas in the UK is larger than any other Western European country. David Bell, Professor of Economics at University of Stirling, analyses the General Election 2019 manifesto pledges to reverse the upward trend in regional inequality.

The Future of the Union

In their blog, Nicola McEwen and Dan Wincott evaluate the impact that Thursday's election may have on the union.
NI Manifesto

Analysing the Manifestos: Northern Ireland

Brexit has played a conspicuous role in the election in Northern Ireland, but, as in the rest of the UK, it has also been forced to compete for attention with other headline-grabbing political issues.
Yes No

The next parliament will face big dilemmas on Scottish independence

With the Scottish government focused on securing an independence referendum in 2020, the next UK parliament is set to face difficult dilemmas on how to deal with the matter. Jack Sheldon's blog for LSE, explains why the current position of the parties involved, and the trajectory of party support in different parts of the UK, mean that there is a real risk to stumbling towards another major crisis in the UK's territorial constitution.

Scottish Farmers Still Waiting for Clarity on Post-Brexit Policy

There are discussions and consultations underway about the future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit, but the broad consensus is that policy changes are needed now, Brexit or no-Brexit, states Michael Keating.
Analysing the Manifestos: The Liberal Democrats

Analysing the Manifestos: Maintaining the Union(s)

Unlike Labour, the Liberal Democrats have detailed proposals for the constitutional debate, with their focus on two unions - UK and EU. In our next instalment of Analysing the Manifestos, Coree Brown Swan discusses the Liberal Democrat's pledges, asking will they resonate with voters?