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European Council

Could Boris induce the EU27 to reject an extension?

Richard Parry discusses the dangers of a Westminster-centric approach as opposition parties agree not to endorse a 15 October election.
Glasgow City Council

Local Government: Time to Ditch the Whitehall Model?

In his contribution to the devolution at twenty series, Neil McGarvey of the University of Strathclyde examines the effect of devolution on local government, arguing that it is time for change.
Big Ben

The End of the Whig Constitution

The Brexit saga has not itself changed the constitution but has demonstrated its inadequacies in the age of modern politics when governments and parties are prepared to push it to its limits and beyond, says Professor Michael Keating.
House of Commons

How Boris Johnson’s position collapsed

Richard Parry discusses the Commons vote and the relationship between passing the new Brexit law and calling a General Election.
High Court of Justiciary and Court of Session

Devolution at Twenty: Embedding a New Constitutional Paradigm

As the Scottish Parliament returns from recess, Aileen McHarg of Durham University analyses the constitutional logic of Scottish devolution. This is a contribution to the series on twenty years of devolution.
Brexit scrabble

Brexit scenarios: what might happen next?

In a blog originally published by the Scottish Parliament, Dr Eve Hepburn analyses Brexit scenarios and assesses what might happen next.
House of Commons

What next for an anti-no deal majority?

Richard Parry assesses the impending parliamentary action in September and October as the Commons tries to construct an anti-no deal majority.
Ruth Davidson leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Will Ruth Davidson’s resignation have an impact on Brexit?

In a blog originally published at the UK in a Changing Europe, Professor Nicola McEwen discusses the implications of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson's resignation.
Scottish Parliament Marco Varisco CC License via Flickr

Devolving welfare: Creating a velvet glove or dismantling the iron fist?

In her contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Dr Hayley Bennett highlights the importance of examining both policy ideas and implementation approaches for devolved social security and welfare services in Scotland.