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Constitutionally Sound, episode 11, Northern Ireland after the election

Experts discuss Northern Ireland and the 2022 Assembly elections in new podcast episode

In the latest episode of the Constitutionally Sound podcast, our guests Katy Hayward and David McCann discuss what happened at the Northern Ireland 2022 Assembly election; the Alliance 'surge'; the Protocol; and what next for Northern Ireland.
Online event: Northern Ireland election in a constitutional key

Expert panel to discuss power-sharing in Northern Ireland, following the elections

Following the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2022, this online CCC event will bring together a panel of experts to discuss power-sharing and the constitutional future of Northern Ireland in the UK.
Catalonia, Scotland and the EU: Visions of Independence and Integration

WATCH – Book launch: Catalonia, Scotland and the EU

The recording of our recent online book launch for Catalonia, Scotland and the EU: Visions of Independence and Integration is now available to watch on the Centre’s YouTube channel.
Constitutionally Sound episode 10: The Constitutional Future of Wales

New podcast episode examines the constitutional future of Wales

In this episode of Constitutionally Sound, our host Nicola McEwen is joined by Laura McAllister, Professor of Public Policy and the Governance of Wales at Cardiff University, to discuss the constitutional future of Wales.

Estimating semantic change in UK constitutional discourse

Alex Schwartz, Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Glasgow examines informal semantic changes that may have accompanied more formal changes to the UK's constitutions over the past few decades. 
Sarajevo, Bosnia

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ukraine: On the edge of NATO and the EU, too close to prying neighbours

Neven Andjelic examines Bosnia-Herzegovina, and its similarities with Ukraine, asking "could the situation get worse in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which has two 'attentive' neighbours – Serbia and Croatia?"
A League-Union of the Isles

Constitutional reflections and renewal

Glyndwr Cennydd Jones has launched his new e-book A League-Union of the Isles, now available to read, download and print. In this blog, he takes us through the essays included in the book, a collection of his constitutional writing since 2016.
Constitutionally Sound Episode 9: The Conservatives in Scotland

Experts discuss the Conservatives in Scotland in new podcast episode

In this new episode of Constitutionally Sound - the Centre on Constitutional Change's podcast - our host Nicola McEwen is joined by guests Alan Convery and Andy Maciver to discuss the Conservatives in Scotland.
Scottish Parliament Chamber

New review into representation of women in Scottish Parliament

CCC Co-Director Meryl Kenny has joined the academic advisory board for a new review of the representation and participation of women in the Scottish Parliament, launched today by Holyrood’s Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone.