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Devolution, the Third Sector Partnership and Equalities in Wales

In her contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Amy Sanders examines the statutory Partnership between the Welsh Government and the third sector and assesses its impact on equalities.  

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What’s the point of devolved international development programmes? Thoughts from Wales

In their contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Craig Owen and Susie Ventris-Field of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs reflect on the Welsh approach to international development.
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The Northern Ireland-only backstop revisited

Amid growing speculation that Boris Johnson is prepared to look again at a Northern Ireland-only backstop, CCC Fellow Jonathan Evershed asks whether and how it might provide a solution to the Brexit logjam.
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What the Brexit entr’acte may bring

Richard Parry gives some perspectives on what seemed like the downtime of the political drama now reignited by a strong Scottish court ruling against the UK Government.
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Brexit Briefing: Court of Session Ruling

Paul F Scott of Glasgow University reflects on today's Court of Session ruling.
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Brexit Briefing: Prorogation, Ireland, and Trade

Mary C Murphy of University College Cork reflects on the latest Brexit news, including Boris Johnson's meeting in Dublin and the new EU Trade Commissioner.
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Brexit and the Union: what next for Scotland in the UK?

Philip Rycroft, former Permanent Secretary at DEXEU and now Associate Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change and Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh, reflects on what the ongoing Brexit uncertainties may mean for Scotland and the Union

What was Boris up to in Scotland?

Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon of Cambridge University reflect on Boris Johnson's trip to Aberdeen, arguing that it represents a form of 'unionist activism', using the central state to make the case for the Union.