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The defence of parliamentary democracy

Aileen McHarg, Professor of Public Law and Human Rights at Durham University responds to the judgement, arguing that the ruling marks a comprehensive defeat for the government and a defence, by the court, of the principles of parliamentary democracy.
UK Supreme Court

A Constitutional Court?

Michael Keating reflects on today's ruling, arguing that 'the Supreme Court at last start to act like a constitutional court'
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It was an alibi, not a justification

Richard Parry discusses the way that the UK Government made it easy for the Supreme Court to regard the prorogation decision as unlawful.

On Prorogation

Dan Wincott of Cardiff University responds to the ruling of the Supreme Court.
Scottish Parliament Marco Varisco CC License via Flickr

The Scottish Party System at 20

In his contribution to devolution at twenty, Malcolm Harvey reflects on the changing Scottish party system.
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Devolution in the UK: governing each NHS with one hand clapping?

Gwyn Bevan of the LSE reflects on devolution and the NHS in his contribution to the devolution at twenty series.
Brexit and IndyRef

Looking back five years on….

James Mitchell discusses how Brexit has shown that a referendum cannot resolve complex questions.
Debating Scotland's Future

Indyref reflections

Five years on, have the fundamentals of independence changed? Friends and fellows of the CCC respond.
Debating Scotland's Future

Indyref 5 Years On

As we mark the fifth anniversary of Scotland's independence referendum, Coree Brown Swan rounds up the CCC's commentary and analysis.