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Uncovering the lid on St Andrew's House

As the devolved system attracts unprecedented attention in UK media, Richard Parry discusses the significance of the belated disclosure of sensitive advice at the heart of the Scottish Government.
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Our Fellows on Unionism

Find out what our Fellows have been saying on the current constitutional debate.
Scotland's new choice: Independence after Brexit book cover

New book shines light on independence after Brexit and the pandemic

What would independence mean for Scotland after Brexit and Covid-19? Out today, our new book 'Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit' aims to inform the debate.
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Comparative Perspectives on Secession series: The politics of constitutional reform and secession in Canada and Spain

In the first in our Comparative Perspectives on Secession series, join our panel as they provide comparative context to the UK constitutional debate, with reflections from Canada and Spain.
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A Debate on Scotland's Place in the World is Long Overdue

In this guest blog, Stephen Gethins, University of St Andrews, provides an overview of his new book 'Nation to Nation: Scotland's Place in the World' exploring Scotland's "foreign policy footprint". 
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The neverending stooshie: the Salmond and Sturgeon debacle

Fraser McMillan, University of Glasgow, discusses the events over the last few weeks relating to Alex Salmond, the First Minister and the SNP, asking what will be the impact on the SNP's prospects at May's election?
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On the timing(s) of IndyRef2

Alistair Clark (Newcastle University) on the legislation and timing governing a second Scottish independence referendum arguing that the vote is very unlikely to happen in 2021.
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Opinion: 2021 Catalan Election

Catalan regional election took place on Sunday (14 February) with pro-independence parties increasing their overall majority. This election saw the lowest turnout on record, but this does not take away from the constitutional significance of the vote. CCC's Daniel Cetrà and Michael Keating give their views. 
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Constitutionally Sound: Labour and the Union

With Scottish Parliament and Senedd elections in May, are there lessons that the new leader of Scottish Labour can learn from its counterpart in Wales? CCC's Deputy Director, Coree Brown Swan, and former First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones MS, discuss this and much more in the latest episode of our podcast Constitutionally Sound.