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House of Commons

What next for an anti-no deal majority?

Richard Parry assesses the impending parliamentary action in September and October as the Commons tries to construct an anti-no deal majority.
Ruth Davidson leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Will Ruth Davidson’s resignation have an impact on Brexit?

In a blog originally published at the UK in a Changing Europe, Professor Nicola McEwen discusses the implications of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson's resignation.
Scottish Parliament Marco Varisco CC License via Flickr

Devolving welfare: Creating a velvet glove or dismantling the iron fist?

In her contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Dr Hayley Bennett highlights the importance of examining both policy ideas and implementation approaches for devolved social security and welfare services in Scotland.

On prorogation

Professor Michael Keating responds to news of the PM's effort to prorogue parliament.
Boris Johnson

Has Boris blinked?

Richard Parry assesses Boris Johnson’s adoption of some of Theresa May’s negotiating approaches and his chances of avoiding her fate.

New CCC website!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website!
Orange numbers

GERS: Reflections on the debate

The publication of the annual GERS report has sparked the usual ill-tempered debate, but what can we reasonably take from GERS? David Eiser of the Fraser of Allander Institute reflects on the report and its implications on Scotland's constitutional debates.

The evolving civil service

In the latest of our series on 20 years of devolution, Richard Parry of the University of Edinburgh reflects on the evolution of the civil service.