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Union letter

Northern Ireland and Unionism

This summer, we will be revisiting the best research and analysis published by the CCC in recent years. This blog by Jennifer Todd was originally published in January 2020. Unionism has come back to the forefront of politics following the election of the new Conservative government in December 2019.
Northern Ireland podcast

Experts discuss Northern Ireland in new episode of Constitutionally Sound

In the latest episode of Constitutionally Sound, host Allan Little is joined by Katy Hayward and Jonathan Powell to discuss the Good Friday Agreement, Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Constitutionally Sound

Constitutionally Sound: Election Edition

In this special edition of the Constitutionally Sound podcast, Professor Ailsa Henderson of the University of Edinburgh and Professor Richard Wyn Jones of Cardiff University join host Allan Little to discuss the election results in Scotland and Wales.
Scottish Parliament election reaction

Scotland’s Approach to Human Rights and Foreign Policy

As the dust settles on the Scottish elections, Kurt Mills, Andrea Birdsall and Naomi McAuliffe reflect on the manifesto commitments the parties made to external relations and human rights. They expect to see a progressive and engaged Scotland that supports human rights domestically and internationally, even if the key fault line of independence continues to divide the population.
Scottish Parliament election reaction

Election Reflections: A Good Campaign, a Poor Result

Coree Brown Swan provides a quick reaction piece on how Labour finds itself squeezed between two dominant rivals.

Local election in England: all politics is local?

Arianna Giovannini looks at the local election in England. She stresses that all politics is local, but that’s hard to spot from London.
Scottish Parliament Election 2021 – what happened? Where do we go from here?

The journey to a more diverse Scottish Parliament

Dr Timothy Peace, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Glasgow, shares his analysis of the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections – “2021 election results show that the challenge has been recognised, but the fight for equality and better representation in Scotland continues”.
Scottish Parliament Election 2021 – what happened? Where do we go from here?

Small steps toward a representative parliament

Talat Yaqoob reacts to the Scottish 2021 elections for the Centre on Constitutional Change and RACE.ED, arguing that a participatory, modern democracy which focuses on communities most disenfranchised is a long-term goal which requires leaps forward, rather than the small steps witnessed in this election.
Scottish Parliament election reaction

A record-breaking election, but what next?

Emilia Belknap and Meryl Kenny reflect on what the Scottish Parliament 2021 Election delivered for women's representation in a quick reaction post.