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Back to Scotland’s Future: Re-editing the ‘new Scottish politics’

Both campaigns, are drawing lessons from the mitigated results of the ‘new Scottish politics’ in order to bridge the gap between their rhetoric and the political and economic realities facing Scotland.

From where I'm standing - Young Voter Vine competition

Interactive Scottish Social Attitudes 2013 data now online

Our Future: Young people’s views on higher education and independence in Scotland

A short film exploring young people’s views on higher education in the context of independence.

UK Government analysis on borders and citizenship released

What We're Reading: 23 January 2014

Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs on the Scottish independence debate. This week's summary includes features on implications of independence for Scotland and the UK, reflections on Europe and views from abroad.

Referendum campaign is letting down voters, says Scottish Social Attitudes survey

Stirling Team’s Inequality Paper in the News

The Scottish Independence Podcast - David Comerford