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Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change

Research and the independence referendum in Scotland

Anyone with even a small interest in politics will have noticed that the Scottish independence debate can get pretty heated. Each side of the campaign is convinced that a majority vote for its side would produce the stronger, fairer and more prosperous nation.

Top earners' wages growing faster than for rest in Scotland

What we're reading #5

Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs from the Constitution Unit, Democratic Audit, the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum and more.

UK Government Scotland analysis: Science and research

Scotland wouldn’t be out of security loop - opinion piece

The Home Secretary is disingenuous to claim that an independent Scotland would be left out of the loop on our island’s security, writes Dr Andrew Neal

Re-Thinking Scotland’s Economy - event blog

Alex Stobart summarises his experience at the Re-Thinking Scotland’s Economy event, convened by SCVO as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science Week.