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UK-Irish Bond May Stretch to Scots

Britain’s close ties to Eire indicate a willingness to deal with independent neighbours, writes Nicola McEwen in the 16 September 2013 edition of the Scotsman.

Will Scotland Sink the United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent?

‘Young people cannot be trusted with political decisions’ – Why actually?

The minimum voting age for the Scottish independence referendum will be 16 rather than the usual one of 18. Many commentators have expressed strong views on whether this is a good idea or not.

The Debate in Review #1 - In Search of ‘Devo-Max-Woman’

A regular feature of the Future of the UK and Scotland blog will be ‘The Debate in Review’ – a digest of some of the key issues that have come up, an update on what’s happening in the Future of the UK and Scotland programme, spiced with some reflection and comment.

Armstrong to unveil Scotland’s currency options

Culture and Broadcasting

Journalists and politicians gathered at the Festival of Politics to discuss culture and broadcasting in Scotland.

Scotland and Immigration

The August 25th panel discussion for the 2013 Festival of Politics entitled “What is the Future of Immigration in Scotland?” proved to be a passionate and informative discussion regarding present and future migration issues in Scotland.

Public Attitudes to Our Constitutional Future

Academics and journalists came together to discuss ‘Public Attitudes to our Constitutional Future’ at the Festival of Politics.