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White paper reflections - Welfare

Designing an appropriate system of benefits and social protection is an important task for any modern state.

White paper reflections - Tax

Stuart Adam of the IFS discusses the tax system as outlined in the white paper.

White paper reflections: Overview #2

Now that the independence side has set out its stall, the real debate can begin, writes Michael Keating.

White paper reflections - Social Media & White Paper Day

Malcolm Harvey summarises the social media response to the white paper.

White Paper Reflections - Budget

Many of the questions, both actually asked in the White Paper launch press conference, and hypothetically asked in the Q&A in Part 5 of the White Paper, drew a comparison between the assessment of Scotland’s economy from the Scottish Government and the assessment from the Institute for Fiscal Studies in its fiscal projection report.

White Paper reflections - Debt

A weighty document, but there is still some way to go before all of the issues are resolved.

White Paper reflections - Currency

The White Paper restates the Fiscal Commission Working Group’s position that Scotland should enter into a Sterling union with the rest of the UK.

White Paper reflections - European Union

According to the White Paper an independent Scotland would seek to join the European Union, with negotiations ideally concluding by Independence Day 24 March 2016, resulting in a seamless transition from membership as part of the UK to membership as an independent state.

White Paper reflections - Overview

So the White Paper is now out. What are the first impressions of Scotland's Future on an initial skim?