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The Poll Position – A Quick Guide

A quick guide to the state of public opinion so far – if the polls are to be believed.

For Wales, see Scotland, but to a lesser degree..

Francesca Dickson discusses existing security governance arrangements in the UK, and how they relate to Scotland.

Yes or no, Scotland referendum carries significant constitutional implications

Stephen Tierney and Katie Boyle discuss the constitutional implications of Scotland's independence referendum, whether voters choose yes or no.

Business competitiveness and constitutional uncertainty: Towards a mature debate

Professor Brad MacKay and Veselina Stoyanova discuss how businesses grapple with the questions the referendum brings.

Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change

Research and the independence referendum in Scotland

Anyone with even a small interest in politics will have noticed that the Scottish independence debate can get pretty heated. Each side of the campaign is convinced that a majority vote for its side would produce the stronger, fairer and more prosperous nation.

Top earners' wages growing faster than for rest in Scotland