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Treasury analysis shows £1.6 billion funding gap in Scottish independence White Paper

Inquiry into Scotland’s Economic Future Post-2014

What we're reading: white paper edition

Coree Brown rounds up the latest blog posts of interest. This month's feature focuses on responses to Scotland's Future.

Would the price of groceries be higher in an independent Scotland?: A few reflections.

Recently two of the Uk’s large retailers, Asda and Morrisons, announced that food prices would rise following a vote for an independent Scotland. Is this scare mongering, or is there a business case for this claim?

The World is Watching the Scottish Independence Debate

Paul Cairney looks at the global interest surrounding the Scottish independence debate. Next time you see what looks to be a parochial and inward looking argument in Scotland, remember that the world is watching too.

Four pillars of foreign policy

States’ visions of their foreign policies typically have four elements, or pillars: protection, profits, principles, and pride. The Scottish Government’s White Paper released last month is no exception.

Business and Independence: the oil and gas industry

Brad McKay reflects on the implications of Scottish independence for three major industries, the energy, oil, and gas industries, financial services, and defence. In the first of a four part series, Brad introduces his work and turns his attention to the energy and oil and gas sector.

Exploring Independence after the White Paper - Photos from the event