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White paper reflections - Defence

While some of the Scottish Government (SG) defence aspirations will be shaped through negotiation, on NATO membership its proposed defence structure, and its commitments to serving personnel, the SG has sought to reassure the Scottish people, the rest of the United Kingdom and potential allies that it will take its defence responsibilities seriously.

White paper reflections - Personal taxation & benefits

Scotland’s Future describes an ambitious vision for tax and welfare policy in an independent Scotland.

White paper reflections - Migration

The White Paper promises a change in the direction of travel in migration policy.

White paper reflections - Higher Education

It is interesting to note that many of the issues arising in the context of higher education reflect wider policy concerns, and centre on the relationship between Scotland, the UK, Europe and other nations.

White paper reflections - Public Attitudes

To have a prospect of being a ‘game changer’, at least so far as the balance of public opinion is concerned, the independence White Paper needed to have hit two buttons.

White paper reflections - Intergovernmental Relations

Dr Nicola McEwen, ESRC Senior Scotland Fellow and Director of Public Policy, Edinburgh Academy of Government, assesses the White Paper's prospectus for shared cross-border arrangements after independence.

White paper reflections - Welfare

Designing an appropriate system of benefits and social protection is an important task for any modern state.

White paper reflections - Tax

Stuart Adam of the IFS discusses the tax system as outlined in the white paper.

White paper reflections: Overview #2

Now that the independence side has set out its stall, the real debate can begin, writes Michael Keating.