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VIDEO Between Independence and Union

The constitutional debate has become polarised between support for and opposition to independence. But what are the options between independence and the Union as currently configured?
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A League-Union of the Isles of Britain

With the Welsh government today launching its plans for a national conversation on Wales’ constitutional future, Glyndwr Cennydd Jones asks “If we were offered a hypothetical opportunity to constitute Britain from ‘scratch’ once more today, would we consciously choose the model of a centralised unitary state that we have inherited?” This essay extracted from Whose Wales? The Battle for Welsh Devolution and Nationhood: 1880 to 2020 explores this and other questions.
Bernard Crick Prize

CCC team wins Bernard Crick Prize for Best Article

Members of the CCC team Nicola McEwen, Mike Kenny, Jack Sheldon and Coree Brown Swan were awarded the 2021 Bernard Crick Prize for Best Article published in Political Quarterly.
Summer School Blog

Pardons in Catalonia: dampening the flames of territorial conflict?

Carles Ferreira Torres is a PhD candidate at the University of Kent and an alumnus of the 2021 Centre on Constitutional Change Summer School.
Sarah Kyambi

Working Towards New Choices on Migration for Scotland

Dr Sarah Kyambi, Director, Migration Policy Scotland writes: "June 30th 2021 marks the deadline for applications to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)."
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Has the UK really taken back control?

In a blog which reflects on the EU Referendum vote five years on, Michael Keating asks “has the UK really taken back control?”
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Brexit: A journey through the archives

Coree Brown Swan goes back into the archives and examines what our experts had to say in the days following the Brexit vote. For five years of analysis on Brexit and constitutional change, visit our Brexit blogs.

The Brexit vote and the Union: Scotland five years on

CCC Co-Director Professor Nicola McEwen explores the state of the UK Union five years after Brexit. Originally written for UK in a Changing Europe, on the fifth anniversary of the Brexit referendum.
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How Brexit and independence are unusual referendums

Richard Parry discusses how, five years on, the Brexit referendum will influence any future Scottish independence referendum.