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What We're Reading #2

In this fortnightly feature, Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs from academics and commentators.

Scotland’s Economy gets fresh thinking in Festival of Social Science

Video: Enlightening the Constitutional Debate series - Culture and Broadcasting

The Catalan independence movement has been more ‘emotionally’ driven than its Scottish equivalent

Luis Moreno compares the two independence movements, noting that while the Scottish referendum campaign has been dominated by practical issues, the Catalonian debate has tended to be more emotionally driven and linked to identity.

Political uncertainty and business decision-making

Professor Brad MacKay, Professor in Strategic Management, Edinburgh Business School, discusses his new ESRC Senior Scotland Fellowship, which will see him examine the impact of constitutional and political uncertainty on business decision-making in Scotland.

Constitutional change and immigration in Scotland

David McCollum blogs about immigration - the one topic that often occupies the public mood and political agenda, but which has thus far not featured prominently in the September 2014 referendum discussions.

Unraveling the Independence Debate

In an article originally published in the Scotsman, Charlie Jeffery discusses the need for more information on the implications of independence and the contribution that the Future of the UK and Scotland project hopes to make to the debate.

England, Englishness, and the Scottish Referendum

Michael Kenny considers the impact of the Scottish Referendum on public opinion in England and the role the English might play in its outcome.