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The World is Watching the Scottish Independence Debate

Paul Cairney looks at the global interest surrounding the Scottish independence debate. Next time you see what looks to be a parochial and inward looking argument in Scotland, remember that the world is watching too.

Four pillars of foreign policy

States’ visions of their foreign policies typically have four elements, or pillars: protection, profits, principles, and pride. The Scottish Government’s White Paper released last month is no exception.

Business and Independence: the oil and gas industry

Brad McKay reflects on the implications of Scottish independence for three major industries, the energy, oil, and gas industries, financial services, and defence. In the first of a four part series, Brad introduces his work and turns his attention to the energy and oil and gas sector.

Exploring Independence after the White Paper - Photos from the event

Teaching materials on attitudes towards independence referendum launched

Every week we are confronted with a range of polls and survey results about people’s attitudes on Scotland’s constitutional future. Newspapers and TV magazines are full of them, campaigners use them to substantiate their points and online discussion users engage with them to convince others of their views.

A different Scotland is happening

We have not and will not reach a final destination in this debate or in our society and politics. Rather than say, ‘Another Scotland is possible’, it would be more accurate to say, ‘A different Scotland is happening’. We just do not yet fully know the shape of that Scotland, who will emerge as the winners and losers, and the scale and form of the greater self-government.

The Birth of a State has Many Midwives

A democratic referendum means an honest opportunity for the ‘rule of the people’ and a chance for the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ sides to campaign and shape public opinion. It also means giving a platform for outside actors to shape the public discourse and to define what Scotland might, and might not, be should it gain independence.

Would Scotland be wealthier under independence?

Patrizio Lecca, Peter McGregor and Kim Swales ask if Scotland would be wealthier under independence.