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Re-Thinking Scotland’s Economy - event blog

Alex Stobart summarises his experience at the Re-Thinking Scotland’s Economy event, convened by SCVO as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science Week.

Independence in Europe

Luis Moreno looks at how Scottish voters will be regarded as political innovators.

So Who is winning the Enthusiasm Race? The Visibility of the Two Campaigns on Social Media

Mark Shephard looks at how the campaigns are engaging with their supporters using social media.

Is being ‘Scottish’ a matter of birth, descent or residence?

If Scotland votes yes next year, then the Scots will have to decide who they are - who gets to be a Scottish citizen? And can they still be a British citizen too? And if so, does that mean London gets a say? Jo Shaw explains...

Future of the UK and Scotland programme - Research Fellow Vacancy

What we're reading #4

Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs on the independence referendum. Blogs this week feature questions over Scottish citizenship, determining the electorate, and two views from Spain.

UK Government Scotland analysis: Security

How the SNP can still win the vote for an independent Scotland

In a piece originally published in the Guardian, James Mitchell reflects on the challenges ahead for the SNP and the party's need to underline welfare and social issues.

How public spending in Scotland may be affected by independence

Based on research conducted by the IFS, David Phillips examines the kinds of tax and spending decisions that may face a newly independent Scotland in its first few years.