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Event blog - ​The Future of Higher Education in Scotland and the UK

Michael Marra, Director of Five Million Questions reports from The future of higher education in Scotland and the UK seminar last week.

Pound or euro? It's not what Scottish voters are talking about

John Curtice writes that while Politicians debate the future currency of an independent Scotland, most people just want a healthy economy.

The latest research

January has proved a busy month for activities surrounding the referendum. We've updated our research briefings with the latest.

Call for written evidence: education and culture

Bank of England Governor outlines currency prospects

BBC Referendum Documentaries

Back to Scotland’s Future: Re-editing the ‘new Scottish politics’

Both campaigns, are drawing lessons from the mitigated results of the ‘new Scottish politics’ in order to bridge the gap between their rhetoric and the political and economic realities facing Scotland.

From where I'm standing - Young Voter Vine competition

Interactive Scottish Social Attitudes 2013 data now online