Scottish Parliament Election 2021 – what happened? Where do we go from here?

Small steps toward a representative parliament

Talat Yaqoob reacts to the Scottish 2021 elections for the Centre on Constitutional Change and RACE.ED, arguing that a participatory, modern democracy which focuses on communities most disenfranchised is a long-term goal which requires leaps forward, rather than the small steps witnessed in this election.
Scottish Parliament election reaction

A record-breaking election, but what next?

Emilia Belknap and Meryl Kenny reflect on what the Scottish Parliament 2021 Election delivered for women's representation in a quick reaction post.
Scottish Parliament election reaction

What happened? Where do we go from here?

Kirstein Rummery discusses how this Scottish Parliament will be the most gender diverse in its history. A historic 45% of MSPs are now women, making it the 13th most gender equal Parliament in the world.
Scottish Parliament election reaction

What happened? Where do we go from here?

Over the coming weeks, academics will respond to the 2021 election results. Today, Richard Parry reflects on the 2021 Holyrood election and what it might mean for the future.
Scottish Independence rally

Why Scotland’s election result is unlikely to hasten a referendum

In a recent article for The Guardian, Michael Keating discusses the split on independence in Scotland, and how a lengthy constitutional stalemate seems likely.
Ballot Box

The Scottish Parliamentary Elections and the “Second Referendum” Debate

Following the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, Stephen Tierney notes that the political landscape remains both uncertain and challenging and may well remain fraught for a long time to come.