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Has the UK really taken back control?

In a blog which reflects on the EU Referendum vote five years on, Michael Keating asks “has the UK really taken back control?”
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Brexit: A journey through the archives

Coree Brown Swan goes back into the archives and examines what our experts had to say in the days following the Brexit vote. For five years of analysis on Brexit and constitutional change, visit our Brexit blogs.

The Brexit vote and the Union: Scotland five years on

CCC Co-Director Professor Nicola McEwen explores the state of the UK Union five years after Brexit. Originally written for UK in a Changing Europe, on the fifth anniversary of the Brexit referendum.
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How Brexit and independence are unusual referendums

Richard Parry discusses how, five years on, the Brexit referendum will influence any future Scottish independence referendum.
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Northern Ireland and Unionism

This summer, we will be revisiting the best research and analysis published by the CCC in recent years. This blog by Jennifer Todd was originally published in January 2020. Unionism has come back to the forefront of politics following the election of the new Conservative government in December 2019.
Northern Ireland podcast

Experts discuss Northern Ireland in new episode of Constitutionally Sound

In the latest episode of Constitutionally Sound, host Allan Little is joined by Katy Hayward and Jonathan Powell to discuss the Good Friday Agreement, Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol.