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Short Film “Our Future: Young People’s Views on Higher Education in Scotland”

The Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID) undertakes research exploring issues of inclusion and diversity in relation to children, young people and adults in education and related areas of policy and practice (including health, social welfare, training and employment).

Every week we are confronted with a range of polls and survey results about people’s attitudes on Scotland’s constitutional future. Newspapers and TV magazines are full of them, campaigners use them to substantiate their points and online discussion users engage with them to convince others of their views. It is difficult to evaluate how to engage with all this information and in particular to evaluate the quality of it to derive meaningful interpretations.

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The minimum voting age for the Scottish independence referendum will be 16 rather than the usual one of 18. Many commentators have expressed strong views on whether this is a good idea or not. On the one hand it has been argued that younger people can judge the merits of or problems with independence just as well as anybody else, and that they ought to be involved in a decision about what will very much be their future.

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