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The welfare dimension of Labour’s Devolution proposals

The future of the welfare state has been a key feature of the referendum campaign. Against the backdrop of the UK government’s controversial welfare reforms, the Scottish government and Yes Scotland have argued that an independent Scotland would oversee a more progressive, fairer welfare system. The Labour Party’s Devolution Commission proposals, published yesterday, are likely to reinforce the centrality of the welfare issue. But Labour’s welfare state is unmistakably British.

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If you were a politician, what would be your preferred method of reducing inequality and poverty?  Would you look to plug the gap between wages and food prices by giving more money to charity?  Would you push for a considerable increase in the minimum wage and keep your fingers crossed that not too many jobs would be lost as a result?  Or would you go for something radical – a Citizen’s Income, perhaps, or a shorter working week for all?

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January has proved a busy month for activities surrounding the referendum. We've updated our research briefings with the latest.
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