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This week, we are highlighting the contributions of our fellows to Scotland's Decision: 16 Questions to think about for the referendum on 18 September.  Today’s topic is the international role an independent Scotland might have.The book is available as a free download.

Our experts look at three questions on the international dimensions of the independence debate:

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Colin Fleming discusses foreign policy and independence at Chatham House

Project fellow Colin Fleming was at Chatham House this week discusing the foreign policy implications of Scottish Independence. He was joined by the Malcolm Chalmers and former Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson. You can listen to a podcast produced after the event on the Chatham House website.

On January 31st 2014, Andrew Neal's project held the second of six seminars to discuss the security implications of Scottish independence. The event considered the risks and threats that the UK faces according to the National Security Strategy and whether these would be the same for an independent Scotland. They also investigated the methods used by governments to assess these risks and threats.

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