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In theory this week’s SNP conference is a chance for a party in power to take stock at the mid-point of its current term in office. It should be able to look back with some satisfaction at polls that still largely put the party ahead in Scottish Parliament vote intentions and look forward with optimism to how it might win a third term in office in just over two years’ time.
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In this fortnightly feature, Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs from academics and commentators.
Writing at Political Insight, John Curtice discusses both the pragmatic and emotional elements of the independence debate, noting that Scots may face a conflict between their identity and their material interests.
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One of the regular features of the Future of the UK and Scotland blog will be ‘The Debate in Review’ – a digest of some of the key issues that have come up, an update on what’s happening in the Future of the UK and Scotland programme, spiced with some reflection and comment. This is the first …

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As measured by Father Time at least, we have now reached the half way mark in the referendum campaign.  It is just over twelve months since the two ‘official’ referendum campaigns, Better Together and Yes Scotland, were launched. And it is just over twelve months to polling day on 18th September 2014.

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