When voters consider the issue of Europe, says Laura Cram, they select between competing narratives. These in turn derive from differing interests, which may all come into play in a referendum on EU membership. 
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There has already been discussion of the implications of repealing the Human Rights Act (and leaving the ECHR) on devolution. Prof Christine Bell highlights that the UK government will need the consent of the devolved legislatures to proceed. 
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Keating Awarded Fellowship to Research UK and EU

Professor Michael Keating, Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change, has been appointed ESRC Senior Fellow for the UK in a Changing Europe programme. The fellowship will run for the next year and focuses on the interrelationship between the UK’s changing relationship with the EU and the evolving interaction between the nations that comprise the UK’s own Union. 

The new government has thrown open the European questions but, asks Michael Keating, what - if any - answers might prove satisfactory?

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