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Strathclyde Commission: Scotland should have full powers over income tax

The Scottish Parliament should be handed full powers over income tax, according to a report commissioned by the Scottish Conservatives.

Bookies may be best bet to predict referendum

Expert suggests 70 per chance of “no” vote

If you want to guess the outcome of the referendum, it might be better to consult the bookies than rely on opinion polls.

That’s the conclusion of a leading academic who has been looking at the best way to forecast the outcome of the 18 September poll.

Political scientists have long known that winning elections is often not a matter of having detailed policies and distinguishing oneself from one’s opponents. Instead, it is a matter of seizing ownership of issues on which there is broad agreement and defining them on your own terms. So historically, the Conservatives have ‘owned’ the issue of law and order, until New Labour tried to edge in. Conversely, Labour has usually owned the NHS, forcing the Conservatives to assure electors that it is safe in their hands.

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Peter McGregor discusses tax powers for Scotland in the event of a no vote.

A “no” vote  in the forthcoming referendum on Scottish Independence would immediately lay to rest one of the most controversial issues that has characterised the economic debate so far, namely the currency issue.  Scotland would remain in a monetary union with the rest-of –the UK (RUK), which implies that the Scottish Parliament will have no greater influence on UK monetary policy than it does currently.

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