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John Curtice reviews the polls. He finds that most indicators continue to suggest that the verdict will be No and argues that although the debate will range far and wide in the coming months, the victory will ultimately go to the side that presents the most convincing economic argument. This blog was republished from LSE British Politics and Policy blog.

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In a piece originally published by the Scottish Sun on 15 January 2014, David Bell discusses the recent UK Governemnt announcement regarding debts in response to concerns from the markets about the status of UK debt should Scotland become independent. 

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Brad McKay reflects on the implications of Scottish independence for three major industries, the energy, oil, and gas industries, financial services, and defence. In the second of four part series, Brad explores what impact independence might have on the financial service industry. The series will resume after the new year.

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Treasury analysis shows £1.6 billion funding gap in Scottish independence White Paper

The Scottish taxpayer faces a bill of £1.6 billion per year – the combined annual budget of the Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service – to meet the costs of just three of the unfunded policy commitments in the Scottish government’s White Paper for independence, new Treasury analysis shows.


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