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In response to Standard Life's annual report, Brad MacKay discusses how businesses deal with the uncertainty posed by the referendum.

Today Standard Life, the UK’s biggest provider of self-invested pension plans and defined contribution pensions, released its annual report. In it they outlined their contingency plans if Scotland were to leave the Union. Unsurprisingly, the lead story in the media is: “Standard Life could quit Scotland” (BBC).

In their annual report, Gerry Grimstone, the Chairman of the 189 year old Scottish-based firm made the following statement:

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NIESR Special Issue on the Economics of Scottish Independence

NIESR has released its special issue on the Economics of Scottish Independence, presented at a press conference this afternoon and made available to the public.

Bank of England Governor outlines currency prospects

In a speech given to the Scottish Council for Development & Industry on 29 January, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, outlined the prospect of a currency union should Scots vote for independence. In the speech, Mr Carney discussed the economic recovery, noting that it was not yet appropriate to end emergency monetary policies. He reassured businesses that interest rates would not rise immediately and when they did, they would do so in a gradual manner.


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