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Stirling Team’s Inequality Paper in the News

The University of Stirling’s Future of the UK and Scotland team has received wide coverage today (Tuesday 21 January) with their report on using taxes and benefits to reduce inequality.

You can see this coverage at our new page: We will be updating it regularly to give you a flavour of how our teams’ work is being reported.

Tackling income inequality presents challenges for Scotland

Scotland faces significant challenges in closing its “inequality gap”, according to new research carried out by University of Stirling academics and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Scotland and the UK currently have much higher income inequality than comparable Nordic countries such as Norway and Denmark, with Scotland having a gap against these Nordic countries of 4.7 points on the Gini Coefficient - the recognised measure of the equality of a nation’s income distribution.

The Scottish independence debate may, at times, seem parochial, but its reach is global. We often seem to focus on narrow Scottish issues but the big questions travel well: what should be the size of a nation state? Should large countries have central, regional and local governments? If so, how should we share those responsibilities and coordinate policymaking between levels of government? Which policy areas should be centralized and which devolved? Should regions have taxation and spending powers?

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