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The SNP meets in Aberdeen this weekend almost exactly 80 years after its foundation.  There will be many references to the long journey, the many friends lost along the way - no doubt Margo MacDonald will rate a few mentions - and insistence that repaying the debt requires current members to work hard up to the referendum.
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As the vote on Scottish independence gets closer, the polls are steadily narrowing. The Yes camp believes that to win the referendum they need to persuade enough Labour affiliates to back an independent Scotland. Craig McAngus examines data on Labour affiliates’ attitudes with regards devolution of more powers and constitutional change in Scotland more widely. 

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Kevin Dunion of the Centre for Freedom of Information at the School of Law, University of Dundee discusses prospects of a Scottish Constitution to improve Freedom of Information provisions.

Until recently the Scottish Government’s declared position as set out in Scotland's Future, has been that  “The right time for a written constitution to be drafted is… after independence not before”. The announcement that it now intends to publish an interim constitution by the summer is a sudden change of heart.

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Scottish Labour’s claim in the first paragraph of its latest paper, to have led the argument for devolution for over 100 years takes a historical liberty. Its unionist and home rule components have fought it out since the 1920s. Devolution in 1999 allowed Labour to take ownership of the issue, but since then it has tended to a defensive posture, conceding further powers reluctantly in the face of SNP competition, and too late to have an impact.

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Labour's Devolution Commission

Publishing the findings of the Devolution Commission this morning (Tues), Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont said:

“This is an important piece of work which we hope will answer people’s desire to have a stronger, more accountable Scottish Parliament.

“The commission has worked hard to ensure that our proposals are consistent with Scotland remaining strong in the United Kingdom but also give us the flexibility to do things differently where we want to.


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