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Much has been said about the possibility that the Conservatives could come second in May's Scottish Parliament election. However, says, Alan Convery, both their past record and the wider context mean they should be cautious about 2016. 
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The likely impact of Brexit on the relationship between Scotland and rUK has made all the headlines but, says Kirsty Hughes, that is just the most obvious of the constitutional difficulties posed by a vote to leave. 
The EU referendum could be held as early as June – if the vote is for Brexit, a UK-wide political crisis is likely. 
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David Cameron’s proposed areas for renegotiation have implications for the Scottish Government, a situation that will increase once the Scotland Bill is passed.

The distinct Scottish interest in the European renegotiation and referendum can be seen under two headings. The first concerns matters reserved under the devolution settlement to the UK Government but where Scottish interests and preferences may be distinct. The second concerns devolved matters that also have a European dimension. This produces a potentially long list of questions.

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