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The results of the general election in Scotland were described by Ed Miliband as a "nationalist surge" however, explains Jan Eichhorn, voting for the SNP and supporting and supporting independence are two different things. 
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Last Thursday was a very bad night for the Liberal Democrats across the UK and nowhere more so than in Scotland. Peter Lynch, Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Stirling, offers a postmortem of the campaign.
It's difficult to know where to start with the Scottish Liberal Democrat collapse in Scotland.
We have been here before at the Scottish Parliament election in 2011, local elections in 2012 and European elections in 2014 but the collapse is now accompanied by a huge loss of seats and votes across Britain.
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Thursday’s election leaves the Anglo-Scottish Union on the brink. A combination of the first past the post system and the crystallisation of increasingly sharp attitudinal differences between England and Scotland has produced starkly divergent political systems which are now set to clash in the House of Commons.
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Juliet Swann of Electoral Reform Society looks at what will happen after the General Election.

In 2011 the Fixed Term Parliaments Act was passed. Setting aside its merits or demerits, the politics behind its introduction and the decision to fix the terms at five years, it is a piece of legislation whose true impact will only be known after May 7th and analysis of which indicates some disagreement as to its effect.

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CCC fellows in special issue of The Political Quarterly

A group of top political scientists from around Scotland has produced a series of essays for a forthcoming special issue of The Political Quarterly. They consider where next for Scotland on the back of last year’s independence referendum and the subsequent proposals for extending devolution that came out of the Smith Commission.


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