White Paper on Independence launched

26th November 2013

The Scottish Government today (Tuesday 26th November) released its White Paper on independence, with a launch event in Glasgow. Scotland’s Future: Your guide to an Independent Scotland has been published in a book format with over 650 pages. It is also available as a download on Scotland's Referendum 2014 website.

The White Paper is divided into  ten chapters:

  • The Case for Independence
  • Scotland’s Finances
  • Finance and the Economy
  • Health, Well Being and Social Protection
  • Education, Skills and Employment
  • International Relations and Defence
  • Justice, Security and Home Affairs
  • Environment, Rural Scotland, Energy and Resources
  • Culture, Communications and Digital
  • Building a Modern Democracy

There is also a question and answer section of 208 pages.

The ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland’s research teams are holding a public event on the White Paper this coming Saturday. ESRC Fellows and other academics  will focus on the vision for an independent Scotland laid out in Scotland’s Future. Exploring Independence after the White Paper will be held at the Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh, and campaign and government representatives will also take part.

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University of Edinburgh
26th November 2013
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