Scotland Institute publishes report on Scotland's share of the UK's debt

27th June 2014

The Scotland Institute has issued a report authored by Jonathan Price titled Debt and Destiny: An assessment of an independent Scotland’s fair share of the United Kingdom’s national debt and the impact it could have on Scotland’s future.

The report attempts to address the lack of discussion around Scotland's share of the UK's debt in the event of independence. The institute's chairman Dr Azeem Ibrahim notes in a blog on Scots Politics that:

A future, independent Scotland’s fair share of the UK debt absolutely has to be one of the top considerations in the referendum debate, and it is time that the public got well acquainted with the facts and the likely outcomes of this issue.

While the debate has focused on currency and economic outlook, Dr Ibrahim argues:

How the debt rightfully accruing to Scotland will be calculated and administered may have far deeper consequences for the average Scot than whether they have Scottish Pounds or Pounds Sterling in their wallet.

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University of Edinburgh
27th June 2014
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