Online Magazine focuses on Future UK and Scotland teams’ work

10th April 2014

ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland researchers have contributed extensively to  the latest edition of Discover Society which focuses on the independence referendum.

“It’s great to have  this opportunity to take part in Discover Society and highlight our teams’ work,” says Professor Charlie Jeffery, co-ordinator for the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland activities.

Professor Jeffery continues:

“The breadth of our work means that the special Discover Society issue is a great introduction to our overall Economic and Social Research Council-funded activities, and a good way for readers to get up-to-date with the latest research on the referendum  and its potential outcomes.”

Subjects tackled by Future UK and Scotland authors include: the state of the campaign; prospects for intergovernmental relations between any independent Scotland and the rest of the UK; social media and the referendum debate; and higher education.

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University of Edinburgh
10th April 2014
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