Launch of new International Association of Constitutional Law blog

25th February 2015

This week, the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) launches a new blog, led by Adrienne Stone (Australia) with Andrew Le Sueur (UK), Grégoire Webber (Canada) and César Landa (Peru). The aim of the blog is to build an online community of people interested in the IACL’s work – and for this reason we are bringing something new to constitutional law blogging. The blog will report on

  • several active research groups (including e.g. on Constitutional Responses to Terrorism, Constitution-Making and Constitutional Change, and Social Rights)
  • roundtables – academic events held two or three times a year. For example, in November 2014 a roundtable was held Romania on ‘Shaping constitutional rules for a balanced budget’. Forthcoming events include ‘Contemporary Issues in Indian Public Law: Transnational Perspectives’ (in India in April) and the ‘new’ separation of powers (in South Africa in May).
  • every four years the IACL holds a world congress, attracting several hundred academics, judges and practitioners. The last was in Oslo; the next will be in South Korea in 2018.
  • the IACL is an ‘association of associations’, with affiliated national organisations (of which UKCLA is one) around the world.

The new blog is multilingual, welcoming contributions in English, French or Spanish.

Visit the IACL blog to sign up to posts.

During 2015, Andrew Le Sueur is the managing editor: for suggestions and contributions please email

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