ESRC teams bring Referendum insight to Major Economic Conference

4th April 2014

Researchers from  the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland  teams will be presenting their research on Scotland’s economic outlook and the constitutional debate at  the Royal Economic Society's (RES) annual conference this Tuesday (8th April). The presentations will be webcast live from the University of Manchester.

The special session will be chaired by ESRC Fellow Angus Armstrong,  head of macroeconomics at National Institute of Economic and Social Research. His colleague Monique Ebell will bring her insight on Scotland’s currency options. ESRC Fellow David Bell from the University of Stirling will look at the implications of different types of constitutional change for Scotland’s fiscal outlook, while Gemma Tetlow of the Institute for Fiscal Studies will look at the fiscal  options and challenges for an independent Scotland.

The session begins at 5pm and will be webcast at

You can find blogs and findings from the teams work at the following links:

Angus Armstrong and Monique Ebell on Scotland’s Currency Options, Debt, Dollarization

Gemma Tetlow of the IFS on Fiscal Forecasts for Scotland

David Bell on Debt, Dollarization, Oil Fund


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4th April 2014
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