Cameron speaks to Scottish Conservative conference

15th March 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron was in Edinburgh yesterday to address the conference of Scottish Conservatives. In his speech, he addressed the need to make devolution work, arguing that 'A vote for No is not a vote for no change'. Further powers for Scotland, including taxation powers, in event of a no vote, according to the Prime Minister, would not be granted as a consolation prize but as a way to improve the devolutionary settlement. He expressed his support for the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, a means of strenthening her position and preventing dissent among grassroots activists. 

Political opponents immediately responded to the speech, noting that Mr Cameron said that a no vote can mean further devolution rather than will. He urged voters to 'Vote no – that can mean further devolution…more power to the Scottish people and their Parliament…but with the crucial insurance policy that comes with being part of the UK'. Representatives of the Prime Minister have said that he meant it as a firm offer.

Read the speech on the Scottish Conservatives website.

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15th March 2014
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