Audio: Public attitudes and Scotland's independence referendum

13th August 2013

Professor John Curtice, National Centre for Social Research outlines his fellowship research.

This fellowship is focused on public opinion towards Scotland's constitutional future, and will address three key questions: Are people's attitudes towards independence simply a reflection of their sense of national identity, or are they are also shaped by what they think the consequences of independence would be? Will people vote for or against independence simply based on this issue, or will they be influenced by their attitudes towards the UK government or the various political parties? Has introducing devolution inevitably put Scotland on a path towards independence, or can a stable basis be found for governing Scotland within the framework of the United Kingdom? The fellowship will result in a book-length study of these questions, a website providing information and commentary on all key survey readings of public attitudes towards how Scotland should be governed, and a programme of seminars and research briefings.

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13th August 2013
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