7th April 2015
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Meryl Kenny, University of Leicester and Angela O’Hagan, Women in Scotland’s Economy Research Centre, in conversation with Craig McAngus. They discuss if we are beginning to find solutions to the lack of women in public life.
2nd April 2015
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Alan Convery, Malcolm Harvey and Craig McAngus in conversation with Bettina Petersohn. They look at the polls and how the parties are responding to the ongoing constitutional debate.
30th March 2015
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What are the implications of a no vote in the Scottish Independence referendum? In a forthcoming special issue of The Political Quarterly, a number of researchers from the Centre on Constitutional Change asses the future of Scottish devolution in the light of the Smith Report. Paul Cairney discusses the publication with Craig McAngus.
24th March 2015
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The leaders of the three largest Westminster parties have all committed to introducing legislation to enact the Smith Commission's Report in the next parliament. However, what would these changes mean in practice? Paul Cairney and Emily St.Denny of Stirling University discuss the implications for future policy with Craig McAngus.
18th March 2015
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Video footage from the Centre for Gender and Feminist Studies and the Centre on Constitutional Change event at the University of Stirling on 4 March 2015.
16th March 2015
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How will the process of devolving aspects of taxation and other financial powers to territorial assemblies within the UK affect future budgets? With only a couple of days until George Osborne opens his red box, Craig McAngus talks to economists David Bell and David Eiser about what it’s likely to contain in years to come.
2nd March 2015
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Professor Nicola McEwen, Personal Chair of Territorial Politics, delivers her inaugural lecture entitled, "Independence and Interdependence: The Dynamics of Scottish Self-Government".
26th February 2015
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David Bell gives evidence at the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee at the Scottish Parliament on 26 February 2015.


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