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3rd May 2017
post by Meryl Kenny

In the upcoming but overlooked local elections the issue of women's representation has once again been sidelined. Dr Meryl Kenny and Prof Fiona Mackay argue that this matter is too important to be left to parties and that it is time for legislation.

28th April 2017
post by Janice Morphet

The challenges presented by an international border on the island of Ireland has been highlighted as a key challenge in Brexit negotiations but, says Prof Janice Morphett, a solution may already exist in the shape of European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs).

25th April 2017
post by Ailsa Henderson

Whether GE2017 in Scotland is about Brexit or IndyRef rather depends on who you believe, says Ailsa Henderson.

19th April 2017
post by Michael Keating

After twenty years of reform, says Michael Keating, the UK constitution is back where it started.

18th April 2017
post by Richard Parry

By demonstrating that no opposition party can be see to run from the fight, says Richard Parry, Theresa May has effectively nullified the purpose of the Fixed Term Parliament Act,

13th April 2017
post by Centre on Const...

The Centre's Associate Director, Prof Nicola McEwen, has received an award recognising excellence in public engagement.

3rd April 2017
post by Richard Parry

Nicola Sturgeon's recent letter to Theresa May requesting an Section 30 Order drew its authority from a parliamentary motion motion that was, perhaps, oddly silent on the subject of independence.

2nd April 2017
post by Michael Keating

That the EU has placed Gibraltar on the agenda for Brexit negotiations should come as no surprise, says Michael Keating, as the issue, which had already been indicated, remains a sensitive one in Spain.


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