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17th April 2019
Guest post by Michael Kenny

As the Brexit process continues, the Conservative Party is finding it hard to reconcile its desire to leave the EU with its longstanding commitment to maintaining the territorial and political union of the United Kingdom. CCC Fellow Professor Michael Kenny (University of Cambridge) argues that, far from introducing a destabilising element to an otherwise sound constitutional set-up, Brexit has instead amplified and accelerated the debate about the UK’s territorial constitution.

17th April 2019
post by Centre on Const...

Dr Nitasha Kaul shares her personal and academic reflections on the ongoing crisis in Kashmir.

15th April 2019
post by Nicola McEwen

Two years after the invocation of Article 50, CCC Co-Director Professor Nicola McEwen analyses the state of relations between London and the devolved administrations, warning that if Brexit damages the autonomy of the devolved institutions without increasing their influence, relationships between the UK’s territories may become ever more strained.

10th April 2019
post by Centre on Const...

Jean-François Dupré explores majority nationalism in Taiwan.

9th April 2019
post by Richard Parry

Richard Parry discusses the way that deadlines, numbers and intelligence about UK politics are interacting in a Brexit situation changing by the day

3rd April 2019
post by Richard Parry

CCC Fellow Richard Parry discusses the looming Brexit deadlines which include the long-foreseen European Parliament election timetable

2nd April 2019
post by Michael Keating

The Brexit deadlock has exposed serious deficiencies in the United Kingdom’s uncodified constitution.

25th March 2019
post by Michael Keating

CCC Director Michael Keating examines whether joining the EFTA and thereby the EEA could work for the UK in the way that it does for Norway.


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