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6th May 2019
post by Centre on Const...

The Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) has today issued a major new report on "The Future of Europe: Disruption, Continuity and Change". CCC Director Prof. Michael Keating contributed a chapter on Scotland's future prospects in Europe.

1st May 2019
post by Centre on Const...

In his contribution to our majority nationalism blog series, Alexandre Pelletier of Cornell University reflects on the twin faces of majority nationalism in Myanmar.

25th April 2019
post by Stephen Tierney

CCC Fellow Professor Stephen Tierney (University of Edinburgh) assesses the constitutional realities facing the First Minister as she plots a path to a second independence referendum.

24th April 2019
post by Michael Keating

CCC Director Michael Keating looks at Nicola Sturgeon's proposals to break the constitutional deadlock.

24th April 2019
post by Centre on Const...

In our ongoing series on majority nationalism, Brian Girvin reflects on the language of majority and minority.

23rd April 2019
post by Patrick Utz

CCC Fellow Patrick Utz (University of Edinburgh) looks at how Sinn Féin approach the European elections in both parts of Ireland.

17th April 2019
Guest post by Michael Kenny

As the Brexit process continues, the Conservative Party is finding it hard to reconcile its desire to leave the EU with its longstanding commitment to maintaining the territorial and political union of the United Kingdom. CCC Fellow Professor Michael Kenny (University of Cambridge) argues that, far from introducing a destabilising element to an otherwise sound constitutional set-up, Brexit has instead amplified and accelerated the debate about the UK’s territorial constitution.

17th April 2019
post by Centre on Const...

Dr Nitasha Kaul shares her personal and academic reflections on the ongoing crisis in Kashmir.


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