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10th June 2019
post by Mary C. Murphy

The contenders for the Tory leadership are effectively offering one of three choices in how they confront the current Brexit impasse, and each choice has specific consequences for the island of Ireland.

10th June 2019
post by Centre on Const...

The report on "The Relationship between the UK and Scottish Governments" issued on Friday 7th June by Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee contains key recommendations which are informed by research and evidence given by CCC fellows.

7th June 2019
post by Pete Wishart MP

In a guest blog, Pete Wishart MP, Chair of Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee, outlines the key findings of the Committee's inquiry into UK-Scottish intergovernmental relations.

6th June 2019
post by David McCrone

In the first instalment of our series on devolution at twenty, the University of Edinburgh’s David McCrone shares his thoughts on the success of the Scottish Parliament.

3rd June 2019
post by Centre on Const...

Spain’s changing politics cannot be understood without considering its internal, national disputes argues Dr. Ander Errasti-Lopez of the European University Institute, Florence.

30th May 2019
post by Coree Brown Swan

Today, we commence a new blog series which reflects on the past decades of devolution and examines what we might expect to see in the coming years in all parts of the United Kingdom and across a wide range of policy areas.

29th May 2019
post by Centre on Const...

On Thursday 30 May, CCC Fellow, Professor Michael Kenny, (Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge), will be speaking alongside Adam Price AM, the leader of Plaid Cymru, and Eluned Morgan AM, Welsh Government Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language, at the world famous Hay Literary Festival.

28th May 2019
post by Jack Sheldon

Jack Sheldon (Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge) looks at the constitutional issues facing Britain's next Prime Minister.


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