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6th January 2014
post by Kieran Oberman

The University of Edinburgh's Kieran Oberman reflects on whether Scotland possesses the right to secede.

19th December 2013
post by Brad MacKay

Brad McKay reflects on the implications of Scottish independence for three major industries, the energy, oil, and gas industries, financial services, and defence. In the second of four part series, Brad explores what impact independence might have on the financial service industry.

18th December 2013
post by Coree Brown Swan

Coree Brown rounds up the latest blog posts of interest. This month's feature focuses on responses to Scotland's Future.

18th December 2013
post by Brad MacKay

Recently two of the Uk’s large retailers, Asda and Morrisons, announced that food prices would rise following a vote for an independent Scotland. Is this scare mongering, or is there a business case for this claim?


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