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5th December 2013
post by Peter McGregor

Patrizio Lecca, Peter McGregor and Kim Swales ask if Scotland would be wealthier under independence.

5th December 2013
post by Jo Shaw

Whereas the White Paper makes clear what the Government sees as its main negotiating position on some hypothetical negotiations – specifically on the issue of membership of the European Union – it does not do so for the question of electoral rights.

4th December 2013
post by Omid Omidvar

Omid Omidvar reflects on two papers, the White Paper and the UK Government paper, 'Scotland analysis: Science and research'.

4th December 2013
Guest post by Christina Boswell

Christina Boswell, Edinburgh Professor of Politics and leading authority on the politics of migration, assesses the Independence White Paper’s prospectus for asylum and immigration.

3rd December 2013
post by David Bell

The level of debt and how an independent Scottish Government would deal with it is a hugely important issue.

3rd December 2013
post by Monique Ebell

The Scottish Government’s White Paper provides an outline of its proposals for dividing the existing UK public debt and how the rest of the UK might be compensated.

2nd December 2013
post by James Mittra

James Mittra looks at the health, social care and NHS sections within the White Paper.

30th November 2013
post by Kirstein Rummery

Professor Kirstein Rummery and Craig McAngus of the Fairer Caring Nations project at the University of Stirling discuss the potential for a fairer Scotland.


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