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24th February 2014
Guest post by Judith Duffy

A poll by Scotland's leading Asian radio station has found nearly two-thirds of listeners are in favour of independence.

21st February 2014
post by Paul Cairney

Paul Cairney and Emily St Denny ask 'How do we turn an idea into evidence based policy?'

21st February 2014
post by Neil Walker

In a post originally published at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Neil Walker discusses the nature of interventions by the president of the EU Commission and the ramifications it might play in the debate.

20th February 2014
post by Ronald MacDonald

Guest blogger Ronald MacDonald of the University of Glasgow examines Scotland's currency options.

20th February 2014
post by Richard Parry

Why George Osborne declassified official policy advice

19th February 2014
post by Coree Brown Swan

In this week's blog round-up, bloggers discuss outstanding issues surrounding the referendum debate, particularly shared currency, religious issues, conservative voting motivations and the Olympic prospects of an independent Scotland.


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