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7th September 2016
post by John Curtice

Despite four decades of membership, the UK never fully took the European Union to its heart. June’s Brexit vote revealed a social division that reflected very different views about the costs and benefits of the EU, writes John Curtice.

6th September 2016
post by Brad MacKay

Brad MacKay stresses that being quick off the mark, and playing a long game are crucial for UK universities to maintain their world-leading status.

5th September 2016
post by James Mitchell

The public could be excused for being unaware that the SNP is currently electing a new depute leader. James Mitchell looks at the candidates.

2nd September 2016
post by Brad MacKay

Among the many things being ignored by those hailing recent manufacturing figures showing a post-Brexit rise in activity, observes Brad Mackay, is that Brexit hasn't been triggered yet and that businesses can play 'wait-and-see' just as well as governments.

31st August 2016
post by Nicola McEwen

The vote to leave the European Union has ignited the debate about the future of the United Kingdom. Could Scotland be on the verge of independence? Nicola McEwen investigates.

30th August 2016
post by Michael Kenny

In the aftermath of Brexit, there has been an upsurge of interest in English nationalism. But what exactly is English nationalism, where does it come from, and what role, if any, did it play in the referendum outcome? Michael Kenny investigates.

30th August 2016
post by Laura Cram

Just as with the other existing models – Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Greenland - the new British relationship with the EU will have to be purpose built. If Scotland is to maximise its advantage in that process, says Laura Cram, it will need to be out of the blocks before the Article 50 starting pistol is fired.

23rd August 2016
Guest post by John Curtice

John Curtice discusses the post-referendum period and how to handle the immediate consequences of the Brexit decision.


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