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19th August 2013
post by Nicola McEwen

In little over a year from now, the Scottish electorate will be asked to determine whether Scotland should be an independent country. But what does it mean to be an independent country in an interdependent world?

19th August 2013
post by John Curtice

We have now reached the half way mark in the referendum campaign. It is just over twelve months since the two ‘official’ referendum campaigns, Better Together and Yes Scotland, were launched. And it is just over twelve months to polling day on 18th September 2014.

19th August 2013
Guest post by Fabian Zuleeg

Speculating on the future Scottish-EU relationship is tricky, not least as many issues are still to be resolved – be it the Scottish independence referendum or the UK’s potential EU in-out referendum.

13th August 2013
post by Anonymous


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