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27th November 2013
post by Sheila Riddell

It is interesting to note that many of the issues arising in the context of higher education reflect wider policy concerns, and centre on the relationship between Scotland, the UK, Europe and other nations.

27th November 2013
post by John Curtice

To have a prospect of being a ‘game changer’, at least so far as the balance of public opinion is concerned, the independence White Paper needed to have hit two buttons.

27th November 2013
post by Nicola McEwen

Dr Nicola McEwen, ESRC Senior Scotland Fellow and Director of Public Policy, Edinburgh Academy of Government, assesses the White Paper's prospectus for shared cross-border arrangements after independence.

27th November 2013
post by David Phillips

Designing an appropriate system of benefits and social protection is an important task for any modern state.

27th November 2013
post by Stuart Adam

Stuart Adam of the IFS discusses the tax system as outlined in the white paper.

27th November 2013
post by Michael Keating

Now that the independence side has set out its stall, the real debate can begin, writes Michael Keating.

27th November 2013
post by Malcolm Harvey

Malcolm Harvey summarises the social media response to the white paper.

27th November 2013
post by David Comerford

Many of the questions, both actually asked in the White Paper launch press conference, and hypothetically asked in the Q&A in Part 5 of the White Paper, drew a comparison between the assessment of Scotland’s economy from the Scottish Government and the assessment from the Institute for Fiscal Studies in its fiscal projection report.


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  • 21st June 2018

    New research conducted by the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow suggests that a post-Brexit Scotland is likely to find itself losing out on much-needed low-skilled migrant labour from the European Economic Area (EEA) to English-speaking countries such as North America, Australia, and to countries within the EEA.

  • 19th June 2018

    Following the collapse of the Rajoy government following a corruption scandal, how does the new political landscape affect the constitutional debate in Catalonia? Prof Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez of Universidad Pablo de Olavide suggests that this apparently dramatic change will make relatively little difference.

  • 13th June 2018

    While populist leaders and movements make headlines worldwide, an often more subtle majority nationalism remains an endemic condition of the modern world. This phenomenon is comparatively understudied. The Centre on Constitutional Change invites calls for abstracts for an international workshop on the topic of majority nationalism, to be held in February 2019.

  • 31st May 2018

    The recent report by the Growth Commission contains some interesting ideas, says Michael Keating, but also makes some problematic assumptions.

  • 30th May 2018

    The Scottish and Welsh Governments worked together closely during their negotiations with the UK Government over those aspects of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that related to devolution. Despite ultimately choosing different paths, say Hedydd Phylip and Greg Davies, this spirit of cooperation looks set to continue.

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