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26th November 2013
post by Charlie Jeffery

So the White Paper is now out. What are the first impressions of Scotland's Future on an initial skim?

26th November 2013
post by Colin Fleming

The White Paper sets out a comprehensive defence blueprint in the event of Independence

26th November 2013
post by Andrew Neal

The security and intelligence plans in the white paper build on Scotland’s strengths in policing and resilience by proposing a single integrated security service

25th November 2013
post by John Curtice

A quick guide to the state of public opinion so far – if the polls are to be believed.

25th November 2013
Guest post by Francesca Dickson

Francesca Dickson discusses existing security governance arrangements in the UK, and how they relate to Scotland.

22nd November 2013
post by Stephen Tierney

Stephen Tierney and Katie Boyle discuss the constitutional implications of Scotland's independence referendum, whether voters choose yes or no.

21st November 2013
post by Brad MacKay

Professor Brad MacKay and Veselina Stoyanova discuss how businesses grapple with the questions the referendum brings.


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  • 22nd March 2018

    The devolved legislatures’ ‘continuity’ legislation prepares their statute books for Brexit in the event of an ongoing impasse with the UK Government over the so-called ‘power grab’ in the EU Withdrawal Bill. Professor Nicola McEwen suggests these ongoing discussions and debates provide insight into the challenges and opportunities likely to shape ongoing intergovernmental relationships.

  • 22nd March 2018

    Two decades have passed since there was last a serious consideration of how the UK uses referendums. In the light of the Referendums of recent years, our colleagues at the Constitution Unit at UCL established the Independent Commission on Referendums. Ahead of a public event in Edinburgh, the Commission's research director, Dr Alan Renwick, explains its terms of reference.

  • 9th March 2018

    Stephen Hornsby, a partner at Goodman Derrick LLP, comments on Michael Keating's recent paper on the policy making implications of Brexit for agriculture in the UK.

  • 9th March 2018

    In response to the apparent surge in support for Corsican nationalists, President Macron has made it clear that Corsica will not be allowed to distinguish itself further from the rest of France. However, says Dr Alexendra Remond, support for autonomy may be symptomatic more of disenchantment with the status quo than of growing Corsican nationalism.

  • 2nd March 2018

    With little enough fanfare, Cabinet Office Minister David Liddington MP set out how Britain will operate post-Brexit. Prof Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon consider what he had to say.

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