How could a Yes or a No vote help Scotland cope better with the future?

In an effort to broaden the debate, we've asked two prominent figures in Scottish arts and culture to address the theme How could a Yes or a No vote help Scotland cope better with the future? In this feature, sci-fi writer Ken MacLeod and musician Pat Kane will present their cases. They haven't seen each others contributions beforehand. 
Pat argues that a Scotland is well-prepared for leadership, needing only independence in order to do so 'We are small enough, but sophisticated enough, to be able to easily and readily turn to each other, and work out how to steer our way wisely and well through the great themes of the coming century. We simply need to give ourselves the full range of government tools to do so'. Read Pat's piece in full
In contrast, Ken argues that a no vote is necessary to reinvigorate Scottish politics and society. He asserts that that following a no vote, attention can return to the pressing issues facing Scottish society. 'The distraction of a referendum that nobody really wanted will at last be out of the way. The SNP can get on with what most of its own supporters prefer it to do: be a reasonably competent devolved government' Read Ken's piece in full.


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11th February 2014
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